Myths and Truths

We see a lot of news stories about how heat pumps don’t work properly, EVs burst into flames or people get stranded with empty batteries. Or else these new technologies are no better for the environment than the old ones. Or that there’s no point as hydrogen will come along and save us. The thing … Read more

Damp and blocked cavity

Second hole

At one of our recent workshops we were alerted to a damp problem in an Edwardian house in North Shirley. The side (SW facing) wall had cavity insulation fitted approximately 20 years ago. The damp is just above the skirting  running the length of the hallway which is adjacent to the south west wall. There … Read more

Transition Southampton heat pump talk

ABC heatpumps

Heat Pump and be Merrie On the evening of Wednesday 12 October, Transition Southampton held the third of its Energy saving in the Home talks at Highfield Church Hall. The subject this time was heat pumps, with guest speaker Graham Hendra of ABC Heat Pumps. The talk was highly entertaining and informative, giving the seventy-strong … Read more

Thermal solar panels (hot water)

Solar thermal

Thermal panels are different to PV in that instead of converting the sun’s energy into electricity, it converts it solely into hot water which is stored in a cylinder. We had thermal panels installed back in 2007. At the time we had just moved in and the old combi boiler that came with the property … Read more

Damp solid floor


Typically in larger Victorian and early 20th century properties there was a room at the back of the house called the scullery. This was where a maid would do work such as laundry, washing up etc. Due to the amount of water from spillage and condensation, these rooms usually had solid concrete floors, as timber … Read more

Best time to retrofit

NOW IS THE BEST TIME! (obviously) However some energy efficiency retrofitting can be quite expensive and disruptive. But if you intend to carry out any home improvements whether DIY or contracted, then it can be useful  think about what can be done while the works are going on anyway. New floor covering? We have met … Read more


What do we mean by payback? There are two types of payback we could consider: Financial return on your own investment (ROI) e.g. via lower energy bills Environmental benefits (carbon payback) e.g. cleaner and more sustainable planet due to your investment The payback time for an energy saving retrofit can vary depending on a number of factors. … Read more