Damp and blocked cavity

Second hole

At one of our recent workshops we were alerted to a damp problem in an Edwardian house in North Shirley. The side (SW facing) wall had cavity insulation fitted approximately 20 years ago. The damp is just above the skirting  running the length of the hallway which is adjacent to the south west wall. There … Read more

Heat Pump in Highfield

Martin Benning heat pump

Experience of installing a heat pump Section 1 – how our journey started Over the last few years, we have been thinking about reducing our carbon footprint as have a lot of other people. The key changes that would have the most impact are moving to a more plant based diet, reducing the amount of … Read more

Leigh Rd Heatpump Install

Midea heat pump

Background The house is approximately 18 years old, and previously had a standard gas boiler for heating and hot water. The rear of the house has an open plan area, which is a combination of the original kitchen and an extension that was added in 2006. The flooring in the extension part of the open … Read more

Secondary Glazing In Collins Houses


Here are the details of the materials and suppliers we used last year when installing secondary glazing in our home. We reviewed various solutions prior to making our decision and this system remains not only the cheapest, but also the most discreet option. Panels are easily stored under a double bed during the summer months … Read more

Thermal solar panels (hot water)

Solar thermal

Thermal panels are different to PV in that instead of converting the sun’s energy into electricity, it converts it solely into hot water which is stored in a cylinder. We had thermal panels installed back in 2007. At the time we had just moved in and the old combi boiler that came with the property … Read more

Damp solid floor


Typically in larger Victorian and early 20th century properties there was a room at the back of the house called the scullery. This was where a maid would do work such as laundry, washing up etc. Due to the amount of water from spillage and condensation, these rooms usually had solid concrete floors, as timber … Read more