Energy Efficiency


Case studies

Loft hatch insulation Simple Loft Hatch Insulation We know that a huge part of a home's heat is lost through the roof so loft insulation is one… ... Read more
front door DIY front door secondary glazing/ insulation The house is a 1920s detached house, originally with timber framed windows. These were replaced in the mid 90s with… ... Read more
Lounge Secondary Glazing In Collins Houses Here are the details of the materials and suppliers we used last year when installing secondary glazing in our home.… ... Read more
Exposed cavity Cavity wall damp problems While we had floorboards lifted to carry out the underfloor insulation, we noticed that where the joists met the outside… ... Read more
floorboards DIY underfloor insulation Our house is  a 1924 detached property with suspended floors and cavity walls. The walls were retrofitted (badly) with insulation… ... Read more

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