Transition Southampton heat pump talk

Heat Pump and be Merrie

On the evening of Wednesday 12 October, Transition Southampton held the third of its Energy saving in the Home talks at Highfield Church Hall. The subject this time was heat pumps, with guest speaker Graham Hendra of ABC Heat Pumps. The talk was highly entertaining and informative, giving the seventy-strong audience a good background on what air-source heat pumps are and how they work, how they differ to gas-fired boilers, what the costs might be, and what to expect when you have one installed, from the initial surveying process to the experience of heating your home and hot water.

As expected, the audience had many questions and comments: some already had heat pumps installed, some were considering installation; there were questions about using heat pumps with solar panels, and about what those living in flats might be able to do. Graham had copies of his book, 50 Things You Need To Know About Heat Pumps, with him, but they are also available on his website.

Retrofit Southampton can put those who are curious about installing a heat pump in touch with another local resident who has already taken the plunge. Or if you’ve had a heat pump installed and are willing to share your experience with others, we would love to hear from you. Contact us,  join the forum on our website, or sign up for our newsletter, and take part in our growing community of residents helping each other with renewable and sustainable technologies.

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