Independent Solar consultations

We are able to offer consultations on solar energy generation systems (“Solar Triage”) to help you choose the right system  and what to do if something goes wrong (Solar Maintenance).

Solar Triage

If you do not yet have a system and are thinking about having one installed, our independent triage service may help you decide what is best for your particular needs. An installer can advise, but remember they may be trying to sell you something that may not be the best investment given your specific usage and needs.

We can advise on the type of system and what you might expect in regard to payback both in terms of cost and carbon payback for the planet. This involves a site visit if possible and ideally access to your electricity usage data. It is useful to know your overall monthly and annual use as well as more detailed data such as typical usage at certain times of day. If you intend to get an EV or heat pump in the future then it’s important to know how a system can be upgraded to match any changes in use.

If you already have various quotes from installers, we can help choose which one may be the best for you.

How we can help:

  • Let you know what to look out for when choosing an installer
  • Make sure you know what questions to ask them
  • Advice on placement of panels
  • The best energy tariff
  • Type and power rating of panels
  • How many panels are viable

Solar Maintenance

A site visit is usually essential, as well as access to historical data so that we can analyze any issues regarding poor generation or battery charging. Note that we do not carry out maintenance ourselves, but can advise on what may need to be done. For panel inspection, they need to be safely accessed, as no assessments can be carried out on ladders.

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